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Join the tribe

Are you ready for what it takes, the zeal and inspiration allow you to start and complete your book? Focus on your writing goals and power your creativity through group coaching sessions led by me ?

Focus on your writing goals and power your creativity through group coaching sessions led by me ?

Join the waiting list and be the first to know when classes open again!

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You will:

Master the art of focus and make the time for your writing. ( I wrote over a million words while raising two kids with a husband and a full time job!— you too can do it)

Gain the confidence in your writing that you couldn’t imagine before.

Discover skills on building character, voice, and those essential skills needed to keep your book exciting and fresh

Join my newly formed tribe of keen and committed writers

Gain the confidence to finish a book to be proud of

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2 x monthly zoom accountability / co-writing sessions

2 x monthly zoom Q&A support on your work in progres

1 x monthly zoom/ in person Master Classes on Different Aspects of Fiction

Additional annotation on Manuscript for a subsidised fee

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Worth: £4000

Cost: £60 p|m – cancel at any time!

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Abi was born to do this! She’s an incredible teacher and an amazing support. 

– Dee Anikae

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Join Waiting List.


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